Maxime Absorbzit


My name is Maxime and I’m 24 years old. I’m a recent free lance makeup artist in my free time although my main job is working in administration!

Skin positivity is highly important to me as I feel everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident. I highly appreciate brands who are targeted towards all audiences and are pushing that acne is indeed normal!

I do have sensitive skin, so I am quite picky when it comes to the products I used on my face lol! So far so good, no horror stories haha!

My honest options on Absorbzit are that they actually work! Everything that they state, is true! I have personally used a few patches before but they failed to stick and/or preform.
As being a makeup artist- I experimented with my Absorbzit patches! I used them under makeup and wiped off the makeup I put on top of the patch! The patch was still there and stayed stuck to my skin for a few more hours!


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